Happy Farmer

Private individuals and private entrepreneurs primarily engaged in at least one of Eligible Activities:

  • Crop growing (including perennial, non-perennial crops and horticulture)
  • Seed and plant propagation
  • Pre-harvest crop activities (fertilization, spraying etc.)
  • Post-harvest crop activities (cleaning, trimming, grading, disinfecting, waxing, sun-drying etc.)
  • Animal raising (cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken, and others)
  • Support activities for animal raising (veterinary, vaccination, artificial insemination, shearing etc.)
  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Processing and preserving of meat (from local inputs)
  • Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and mollusks (from local inputs)
  • Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables (from local inputs)
  • Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats (from local inputs)
  • Manufacture of dairy products, including cheese and ice-cream (from local inputs)
  • Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products (from local inputs)
  • Manufacture of prepared animal feeds (primarily from local inputs)
  • Manufacture of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides
  • Manufacture of soil fertilizers
  • Trading and leasing of agricultural machinery (e.g. tractor, combine etc.) and agricultural capital investments (e.g. irrigation system)
  • Trading of spare parts of agricultural machinery and agricultural capital investments
  • Repairing of agricultural machinery and agricultural capital investments
  • Construction of agricultural related buildings and storage, including technical equipment of the buildings

Minimal period of doing business – 12 months (1 season cycle)

Purchase of the Agro Inputs in the Partner Supplier shops, which may include:

  • Plant protection products
  • Fertilizers and biological analogues
  • Seed
  • Livestock and fodder
  • Small agricultural equipment and machinery
  • Drip irrigation system elements, greenhouses and other agro constructions
  • Other agriculture-related commodities

Engineering and other agro-related service

  • Minimum AMD 50,000 per client
  • Maximum AMD 1,500,000 per client*
  • Up to 2 parallel loans per client can be provided within the maximum limit of AMD 1,500,000.
  • In case of client’s application for a larger loan amount, loan can be provided on the same conditions (interest rate, fees, loan maturity) but using the standard lending procedure with required site visit and collateral.
  • Annual Interest Rate
    0 – 6 % (0% – for loans up to 6 months, and +1% – for each month of loan maturity starting from the 7th month). In case if for any justified reason a loan was not approved / financed by German-Armenian Fund (GAF) or was excluded from KfW/GAF portfolio within loan period, interest rate would be increased up to a respective level of interest rate applied to loans disbursed for the same period  from own resources.


Disbursement Fee

1-2 % (1% – for loans up to 6 months, 2% for loans of 7 and more months maturity; to be paid at disbursement)

Grace Period Fee

0,5 % for each grace period month (to be paid at disbursement)

Loan Maturity

3–12 months

Grace Period

0 – 6 months, at least 2 months less then loan maturity

Form of Credit

Term loan


Loan is disbursed by direct non-cash transfer to the Partner Supplier’s current account against issued invoice/pro-forma



Loan security

Not required – for loans up to AMD 500,000

1 guarantee – for loans between AMD 500,001 – 1,000,000

2 guarantees – for loans between AMD 1,000,001 – 1,500,000

Standard collateral requirements – for loans above AMD 1,500,001

Penalty for early loan repayment

Not applicable

Penalty on overdue payments

In case of delays of loan interests and/or principle payment, a fine is imposed  at the rate of 0.1% on overdue amount  (overdue loan amount and overdue interest amount), for each day of delay

 Documents required for provision of leasing:

  1. Passport or identification card
  2. Land ownership certificate or statement on the family members and agricultural assets (land, livestock, etc.) ownership / rent
  3. Confirmation of assets in possession – in case of availability
  4. Additional income confirmation – optionally
  5. Invoice / pro-forma issued by the Partner Supplier