Customer Rights

Dear Client/Customer,

We kindly inform you that your rights are protected under the RA legislation and internal legal acts of the “CARD AgroCredit” UCO CJSC.  Any disputes arising between you and our organization may be resolved both through the Office of  Financial System Mediator and by court order.  You may submit your appeals/complaints via telephone, e-mail, regular mail or by visiting our office in person.

Address:  1/21-40 Azatutyan Avenue, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Tel:  +374 60 440 550

E-mail: agrocredit@card.am

See details also in the following materials:

1.  Appeal/ Complaint_Review Procedure of CARD Agrocredit UCO CJSC
2. Dispute Resolution Explanatory Guide
3. What to do in case of a complaint 
4. Complaint submission form 

We also inform you that you may receive copies of documents containing information about “CARD AgroCredit” UCO CJSC defined by Articles 20(3) and 43(2) of the RA Law on Banks and Banking Activities. Click here to view the Law.

RA Law on Banks and Banking Activities

The Organization provides the specified information free of charge, in 3 business days after the date of receiving a Client’s written Information Request filed in person, via e-mail or mail, at the above-specified addresses.