September 8, 2020

CARD AgroCredit UCO CJSC, SmartAgro, AgriConcept, AgroTrend CJSC, and Kultiva companies from the CARD group are constantly implementing CSR programs throughout the territory of RA. A part of these programs is aimed at strengthening and developing border communities. This time, joining World Vision Armenia company’s #AmurTavush initiative, which aimed to replenish the cross border villages with basic facilities, we visited the border village of Chinari in the Tavush region, to provide these facilities. Constantly under Azerbaijan surveillance, the village has become a target for the opponent’s regular shelling, and last month, at the northeastern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border Chinari was in the epicenter of Azerbaijan’s military actions. Hayk Chobanyan, the governor of Tavush Region, and Samvel Saghoyan the head of the Chinary community were also present. We are reassuring that the activities and programs of the CARD group will be continuous especially in border communities, whence our security and safety begins.