March 13, 2020

On March 5, 2020, a field event on grapevine care and preparation for the winter without burial took place, within the frames of “Rural economic development- New Economic opportunities” program, financed by the USAID. As a result of this new technology, farmers will avoid the heavy physical work of burying and opening the grapevines. Also, the participants got acquainted with the advantages of this technology in place, as adjacent to the venue there was a garden where the technology had already been applied.  Applying this up-to-date technology, specific mineral fertilizers will be required that not only make the plant frost-resistant but also strengthen the root system of grapevines, which will improve the plant’s nutrition, thereby strengthening the immune system and resistance to climatic and non-climatic stresses. In addition, the application of this technology eliminates the need for the use of some pesticides, which also eliminates expenses and increases the quality and yield of grapes.

During the event, the representative of CARD Agrocredit UCO introduced the participants to the loan “Happy Farmer”, offering easy and affordable loans for acquiring the materials they need. He talked about the advantages of the loan, who may apply and how to apply for it.

In the link below, you can find more information about the loan.

Happy Farmer