July 7, 2016

The changes that new technologies have brought to banking are enormous. Sophisticated programs, swiftly developing bank services, high customer expectations, as well as continuously changing financial situation, require credit organizations to be in line with modern trends and directions in the field. To gain a vital competitive advantage in the marketplace, it is necessary to have rapid access to critical information, which enables to act more quickly and efficiently. One of the most potential ways of increasing the professionalism of the staff is providing them with access to education in a world-known institution with a long history.

Among many graduates of ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking 2016 was the Executive Director of “CARD AgroCredit” UCO Mr. Karen Petrosyan. On June 09 Mr. Petrosyan was awarded a diploma of graduation in banking as well as a Warton Leadership Certificate as part of the requirements of the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking.

Two other employees, Mr. Manuk Petrosyan, the head of Operations and Development Department and one of the credit team leaders, Ani Sargsyan, accompanied him. Manuk Petrosyan is currently in his second year of study, and for Ani Sargsyan, who entered the School this year, it was the first visit.

Ani Sargsyan is too enthusiastic about the unique opportunity of gaining access to up-to-date knowledge and skills in one of the leading and prestigious schools of banking. Our organization attaches great importance to the involvement of female employees into managing practices. “It is an honor for me to be a student of Stonier Graduate School of Banking. Highly professional staff, sophisticated program, and experienced course mates provide an excellent environment for learning and exchange, gaining more knowledge and skills in the field, exercising obtained knowledge in the group works and individual assignments. I am ready to apply all the skills acquired at Stonier in my daily work and look forward to new experiences and knowledge:,- says Ani.

Having the vision to be distinguished as one of the successful financial institutions of the future “CARD AgroCredit” UCO plans to turn this valuable experience into a beautiful tradition.